Outbacchus Logo Design

The newly designed  logo for the Outbacchus.com wine website. This has now been signed off and we are awaiting its introduction into the new site. I am currently working on the identity to go with this logo and will preview the designs once they are ready.

The logo makes use of the first letter of Outbacchus to simulate a wine stain ring, with the blob being the country outline of Australia. I dithered for a while whether to use the tag line “Artisan Wines of Australia” or not, but decided for the former as it is such an integral part of the overall message.

The colour scheme used is that of a ruby / burgundy to associate with the main product (wine) and the font used is Muffaroo which not only sounded Australian, but I felt worked well to emphasise the hand made nature of the wines and the wineries involved.




New Outbacchus.com Logo

The new logo for the Outbacchus.com wine website














The Old Outbacchus Logo

The Old Outbacchus Logo